Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Theorycrafting: Rumble - The Mechanized Menace

*Note: Yes, I know I am too new to theorycraft. With only 200+ wins, I know I need more experience. However, I am confident with my learning speed, and I have more than just the basics down.

Rumble, as a melee champion by heart, needs beefiness in order to carry out his destructive will. With that said, I think an off-tank role with some AP is great for him, kinda like Maokai, except much more damaging. He also has his own protection through Scrap Shield.

(Q) Flamespitter: Rumble torches the area in front of him with his flamethrower dealing damage to all units in a cone for several seconds. While in the “Danger Zone,” this spell deals additional damage.
Ok, this is Rumble's bread and butter skill. Similar to Corki's Gatling Gun, Flamespitter deals damage per second over 3 seconds in a cone AOE. It seems that it has about a 0.5 AP ratio. Not a lot IMO, but still a good one. Max this first.

(W) Scrap Shield: Rumble creates a shield blocking incoming damage for several seconds and granting a short duration speed boost. While in the “Danger Zone,” the shield’s strength and speed boost increase.
This is your main form of protection and escape. AP scaling is about 0.4, but the biggest concern here is the speed boost. It has a lower cooldown than Electro-Harpoon, and does not require you to turn around and shoot. Max this second.

(E) Electro-Harpoon: Rumble launches a projectile that deals magic damage and applies a stackable slow on the target. A second shot can be fired for no additional cost within several seconds. While in the “Danger Zone,” the damage and slow percentage is increased.
This is your CC. It's a stacking slow. What's good with it is that you can hit someone for 10% slow, and hit them again within 3 seconds for an additional 10% (at Rank 1). For that reason, you really do not need to level this up as much. AP ratio is at 0.5.

(R) The Equalizer: Rumble calls down a line of rockets over the target location. Enemies in the scorched area take damage over time and are slowed.
It's pretty weird to aim this, but the cast range for the initial point of impact is massive. However, the AOE line it drops isn't as wide as you might expect, but still a good one. Placement of this skill is crucial, as you actually want to hit champions for the initial damage, as well as getting them in the AOE slow. Max this whenever possible

Junkyard Titan (Passive): Rumble's abilities generate heat. When Rumble is above 50 heat, he is in the "Danger Zone," causing all his basic spells to have additional effects. When Rumble reaches 100 heat he overheats, silencing himself and causing his physical attacks to deal additional magic damage. Rumble loses heat over time.
Heat management is similar to Renekton's Fury system, but when it hits 100%, you are silenced but gain a massive magic damage bonus to your auto-attacks. Make sure that in teamfights, that you are always hitting 50% and above, to ensure an Overheat, and start pummeling enemy champs.

Greater Mark of Insight - Magic Penetration
Greater Seal of Resilience - Flat Armor OR Greater Seal of Vitality - Scaling HP
Greater Glyph of Warding - Flat MR OR Greater Glyph of Potency - Flat AP
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude - Flat HP OR Greater Quintessence of Potency - Flat AP


Core Items
Haunting Guise
Mercury's Treads
Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Viable Items
Rabadon's Deathcap
Will of the Ancients
Sunfire Cape
Banshee's Veil
Rod of Ages
Sorcerer's Shoes

Default Build
Leaguecraft - Rumble Default Build


  1. Looks like a solid build... Given his short range I'd prob put Merc Treds ahead of Sorc Shoes.

    Also that Harpoon worries me... 2 Shots for the price of one?

  2. He's pretty OP right now, especially if the other team has minimal CC. It's also hard to get anywhere near him with his ult and double E combo. Oh, and there have been multiple times in one day where low HP champs would stay near a turret only to get hit and killed by the direct damage from my ult + rylai's proc + AOE damage slow from it. It needs a range nerf, at least.