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Hana Saku Iroha EP3 - "Balut" ~Spoilers~

Alrighty, here's my first recap on this blog! Episode 3 left me rolling on the floor in laughter, and my nose bleeding XD

As we all remember from last episode, Ohana is about to serve Minko and Nako their least favorite dishes. Both of them aren't too prepared for it, but they'll have to eat them nonetheless.

The moment of truth...

Wait... what...? Nothing?

Nope, still there!

Last episode, Ohana was last seen with the novelist. Well, let's check in his room...

WHOA WHOA WHOA, this is not an eroge...

The novelist, Jiroumaru, ties Ohana up in some ero turtle bondage crap or something, I don't know.

Wait... don't teach him!

Juked off your shoes, mate
Ohana then learns that Jiroumaru is NOT an award-winning novelist. Rather, he's an ero-novel writer, and even then, he can't think of anything great, or so he says.

Oh dayum...



BLAURGH NOSEBLEED x2. Let's keep going!!

.________. Damn killjoy.
Sparkle, eh?



*facepalm* Get out of my fantasies ; A ;

The staff starts looking for both Jiroumaru and Ohana, whilst Sui (that's the manager aka Ohana's grandmother) shuts down the inn for the day to resolve the issue. Of course, Nako is the one who checks up on the Wave Room, and more hilarity ensues.


Wait, what the hell?

ehem... After Jiroumaru runs for his damn life (Part 1), the staff congregate in the manager office, hastily deciding to call the cops. Of course, Sui thinks that it should not be necessary, as her priority of customers dictates that he should be given a chance to explain. Of course, this hit Jiroumaru (don't know how or why) but...

Pervert stole mah truck!

Perveeeeeert!! Come baaaaaaaaaaack!!

Well played, Ren. And GG to you, Toru.

Now that Part 2 is over, they then find the truck near a cliffside, with Jiroumaru on top, as if he is committed to jumping off and ending his life. The mood becomes a bit dramatic, but remember, we have Ohana to screw that up.

a re~?

But you get one for this: "Ugliest Dive EVAR"

Nako to the rescue!! Also, note the similarity of her voice to Yui. (and yes, I know that Aki Toyosaki is her seiyuu)

*dive not pictured* I'll give it a 9/10!

Oh yes...


Anyways, that's all said and done, Jiroumaru is now forced to work at the inn, paying back his debt both in work and when he does get an award for his work. Of course, that meant Ohana wasn't able to cook her revenge meal for Nako and Minko... or so it seemed.

Aww... no meal?

But I'm sure you can teach her... how to rub each other in inappropriate places? Yes? XD JK
Sorry, Minchi. You're eating them spinach. AHGUGUGUGUGUGUG!

I totally got this joke!! (My uncle runs a duck farm back in the Philippines and they have lots of Balut)

 And, with the manager and her infinite wisdom, is finally seeing Ohana's good nature. Of course, as composed as she is, she does a good job of hiding said epiphany to others except for Mr. Beanman here.

All in all, that episode is great. I'm probably going to have those images of Nako and Minko stuck in my head... forever... and ever. XD

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