Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hana Saku Iroha 04 - "Grey Heron Rhapsody" ~spoilers~

Episode 4 marks the start of the school trimester, and so we finally see the gang in seifuku~ 8D

Ahem... anyways, the trio is back in class, with Ohana's optimism hoping that they are all in the same class. To her surprise and approval, she is placed in the same class as Minko, though she still has a cold demeanor against Ohana. We are then introduced to a new character, Yuina, who "saves" Ohana from the new student syndrome and discovers that she is the heir to the "rival" inn in the city.

As Ohana and Nako eat lunch together, they overhear Minko and guy who confesses to her, but is of course sharply declined. He asks what type of person she likes, Minko goes into much details about it, seemingly too specific for him. As they go back to work, Tomoe is enraged about how her life is all about the inn, and no men are interested in her. Ohana's tongue slips about Ko, and she feels the "wrath" of Tomoe for hilarity. Nako and Ohana take a trip to the Fukuya for errands, and they spend some time together in a shrine Nako frequents.

Ohana goes back to work, and is still confused as to whether or not she should reply to Ko's message. While setting up dinner, Tohru once again gives Ohana a hard time, and when Minko takes over for her, she sees this as an act of kindness. In the bathhouse, Ohana attempts to call Minko by nickname, using her dislike for Tohru as a "common interest" between them. However, it is then revealed that Minko feels the opposite with Tohru, as he has every single concrete detail that Minko enumerated earlier. The next morning, Ohana attempts to apologize, and both of them see Tohru on his bike. As Minko attempts to call out, they see Yuina, and seeing her actions, it felt like Tohru was more interested in her. This hits Minko hard, and runs for it, while Ohana is blocked by another grey heron.

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