Tuesday, April 19, 2011

STEINS;GATE EP3 - "Parallel World Paranoia" ~spoilers~

Recapping last episode, Okarin is still confused as to how Makise Kurisu, whom he has seen dead, is alive. Of course, everyone thinks he's gone crazy (or crazier than usual). At the end of the episode, we see another Gel Banana experiment. Expecting the same results, Okarin and Daru are in awe to find the banana missing from the microwave table, and finding it reattached to the bunch as a gel banana. Creepy. Of course, Makise was there to see it.

At the start of Episode 3, we just see some jabbing from Okarin and Makise about perverts and what not. I like how they start this with some humor.

HENTAI TENSAI SHOUJO YO!!! That's my new insult XD

Only Makise gets said win.

After that debacle, the group decides to check on data gathered during the events of Episode 1. It turns out that there is an electrical spike that occurred during a systems test of the reverse table spin. Okarin remembers the time that he sent the message of Makise's murder to be at noontime, exactly when the anomaly occurred. They test it once again, with a bit of a humorous message. However, Mayuri opens the microwave up. To their surprise, a giant electrical surge burst out of the microwave, splitting the table in half, and creating a haze of smoke in the room. Okarin argues that it's a massive amount of electromagnetic (EM) waves, but Makise thinks it's too powerful to be EM, as it did break the table. As they check the messages, Okarin receives it, but is post-marked 5 days earlier, making his assumptions of a time machine true. Makise then runs out, never to be seen the rest of the episode.



After the incident, the phone microwave refuses to function and produce gel bananas. Daru suggests calling Makise, but Okarin thinks it's impossible. Okarin then notices an image of a Hadron Collider (LHC), SERN's particle accelerator. He then remembers conversations with John Titor about SERN's monopolization of time machine tech. They then discuss the LHC's capabilities to create a mini black hole, which in turn was rumored to allow time travel. Of course, SERN publicly denies it, but as stubborn as he is, Okarin orders Daru to hack into SERN to extract information about the LHC and mini black holes.

Daru was able to hack into SERN, but with limited privileges, allowing them only access to emails. LHC testing mails were ambiguous at best, but a term keeps popping up on many of them: Z-Program. A look at the experimental data reveals that mini black hole creations have been done, but the results are disturbing.

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