Monday, April 4, 2011

Cool Story, Bro!

No, this one is.

Nice little civilized gg discussion, then someone explodes. Played as Lux, 11/5/20. Reta was AP Teemo 3/7. Name was Rammus, 8/10.

Yes, I have a custom Marisa Kirisame skin for Lux.

Anodyne: really well played
TheNameDoesntFi: gg guys well played
Anodyne: gg to all
Yurippe Nakamura: gg
Carewhale: yeah, very good game
TheNameDoesntFi: tf
TheNameDoesntFi: did you swap to ap mid game?
huwawa: no ad at the end
huwawa: and you had great carries
Anodyne: sorta
TheNameDoesntFi: makes sense
TheNameDoesntFi: lol
Anodyne: i needed mr and i was hybrid sorta
TheNameDoesntFi: good game soraka kind ruined it
Yurippe Nakamura: karth got shut down late game
Anodyne: thankfully
huwawa: aw
huwawa: that i did
Anodyne: otherwise we were toast lol
TheNameDoesntFi: yeah all he did was ks all game
huwawa: phone calls
Yurippe Nakamura: LOL
Anodyne: lol
Yurippe Nakamura: by the time I got a zhonya's
Yurippe Nakamura: no free kills
huwawa: we all did magic damage though
huwawa: like 80% of our team was that
TheNameDoesntFi: well doesnt rammus wish he was galio in the end
Anodyne: true
huwawa: kind of an easy win for you all
Anodyne: it was still very well played
huwawa: agreed
Anodyne: was my first game w/ tf so i cant complain =D
huwawa: look i might have gone 3 7 14
Yurippe Nakamura: oh nice job then
huwawa: but teemo
huwawa: went 4 12 and 16
Anodyne: haha
Yurippe Nakamura: It's AP teemo
Anodyne: very true
Yurippe Nakamura: scales down late game
huwawa: ap teemo is awesome
huwawa: when he is the only one going ap
huwawa: not the whole team
TheNameDoesntFi: well
Yurippe Nakamura: yep
TheNameDoesntFi: if you look at our team
RetaSup: hey moron
huwawa: hybrid is the way to go i think
TheNameDoesntFi: we had no dps
Anodyne: well take it easy all, gg again
RetaSup: the unique ap is karthus
RetaSup: your fckn idiot
huwawa: gg
RetaSup: rammus is tank
RetaSup: garen is fighter
TheNameDoesntFi: we had no ap
RetaSup: soraka is supporter
TheNameDoesntFi: dps*
Yurippe Nakamura: wut?
RetaSup: you are just so fckn dumb
Yurippe Nakamura: Soraka Teemo Karth
RetaSup: you ruined that game
TheNameDoesntFi: so the rammus was pretty much our dps
Yurippe Nakamura: They all scale AP
RetaSup: you have mental delay
RetaSup: take like 500 seconds to respond
huwawa: no
RetaSup: go find a therapy
Yurippe Nakamura: ROFL
RetaSup: you have autism or something like that
RetaSup: please
huwawa: rammus does everything back as magic damage lol
RetaSup: you dont act like a human
Yurippe Nakamura: I wouldn't trash talk if you can't even talk properly
huwawa: agreed
RetaSup: shh lux
huwawa: enjoy your next game
RetaSup: im not even talking with you
Yurippe Nakamura: and thornmail is magic damage
RetaSup: i dont like talk with animals
TheNameDoesntFi: well humans are animals..
Yurippe Nakamura: That's classic
RetaSup: irracional animals
RetaSup: moron
RetaSup: get a fckn sense
Yurippe Nakamura: It's "I don't like to talk with animals" you ****wad
RetaSup: b4 living in a society
Yurippe Nakamura: LOL This is going on the forums
RetaSup: yes offcourse
TheNameDoesntFi: so he used to not live in a socity^
RetaSup: moron
RetaSup: i never seen
RetaSup: some ******ed like you lux
RetaSup: srsly
Yurippe Nakamura: Angry player attempts intellectual insults, only to find "improper grammar" as rebuttal.
RetaSup: see ur nick
RetaSup: ure otaku
RetaSup: u sux
TheNameDoesntFi: oh god now he jumps to lux
Yurippe Nakamura: LOL
RetaSup: go back to japan moron
Yurippe Nakamura: He's bad at insulting
RetaSup: you should know...
RetaSup: but at my country
Yurippe Nakamura: y u mad tho?
Yurippe Nakamura: u so mad brah
RetaSup: we usually dont like english speakers
RetaSup: so we dont even try it
Yurippe Nakamura: hueaheuahuehauehaueahuehuaea
TheNameDoesntFi: good for you..
Yurippe Nakamura: cry some moar
TheNameDoesntFi: but whats that gott o do with us?
RetaSup: if you dont know what country is that
RetaSup: get a bit of culture moron
TheNameDoesntFi: that is*
Yurippe Nakamura: You are so small it's funny to me.
RetaSup: fckn americans..
RetaSup: without brains...
Yurippe Nakamura: Who sent this baby to fight?
RetaSup: all act like irracional animals..
TheNameDoesntFi: he thinks only americans speak english >_>
Yurippe Nakamura: LOL
RetaSup: no idiot
RetaSup: but we are in the american server
RetaSup: fckn moron
Yurippe Nakamura: Since you're talking in English
RetaSup: really
RetaSup: face palms
Yurippe Nakamura: I would assume
TheNameDoesntFi: fine, he thinks only american speak english as their native language
Yurippe Nakamura: You are an outcast
Yurippe Nakamura: since it is looked down upon where you live.
RetaSup: no idiot
Yurippe Nakamura: So GG
RetaSup: i know
RetaSup: i live in europe
RetaSup: moron
Yurippe Nakamura: I am just putting what you told me into practical context
RetaSup: i know alot of britishis
RetaSup: france >>>>>>>>>>>>>>. every thing
RetaSup: fckn americans
TheNameDoesntFi: there he goes again
Yurippe Nakamura: There is no such word as "britishis"
RetaSup: go back to your country
RetaSup: moron
Yurippe Nakamura: How can one go back to ones country if they are already in it?
RetaSup: idk
RetaSup: backing
RetaSup: moron
Yurippe Nakamura: Of course you wouldn't
RetaSup: go back
RetaSup: to your
RetaSup: country
Yurippe Nakamura: That's like dividing by zero
TheNameDoesntFi: oh god this is like talking to a brick wall
RetaSup: yes
Yurippe Nakamura: IKR?
RetaSup: you got one
RetaSup: moron
Yurippe Nakamura: LOL
RetaSup: if you divide 1000 by 0
RetaSup: you got 1
RetaSup: so
RetaSup: americans
RetaSup: are like
RetaSup: 1
TheNameDoesntFi: take it easy lux, dont waste too much time with this moron
Yurippe Nakamura: wut?
Yurippe Nakamura: 0 divided by 1 is 0
TheNameDoesntFi: LOL
RetaSup: no
RetaSup: 1 divided by 0 is 1
Yurippe Nakamura: 1 divided by 0 does not exist
RetaSup: 2 divided by 0 is 1
TheNameDoesntFi: its undefined
TheNameDoesntFi: >_>
RetaSup: 3 divided by 0 is 1
Yurippe Nakamura: it's undefined
RetaSup: 4 divided by 0 1 is
Yurippe Nakamura: You're a dumbass
RetaSup: 5 divided by 0 is 1
Yurippe Nakamura: 3 to the power of 0 is 1
Yurippe Nakamura: It's exponential, not division.
RetaSup: 91 divided by 2 is 45.5
TheNameDoesntFi: he fails at lanuage and mathematics, oh what is he going to become in life
Yurippe Nakamura: Plumber
Yurippe Nakamura: or Baker
RetaSup: noob
RetaSup: moron
RetaSup: MORON
TheNameDoesntFi: nah htey both need math
RetaSup: im reporting everone
Yurippe Nakamura: But since he's French, probably a hooker.
TheNameDoesntFi: sounds about right
RetaSup: lux
RetaSup: i reported
RetaSup: you
RetaSup: for innaproprietade name
TheNameDoesntFi: oh my god no wayyyyy
RetaSup: you are using international nick
RetaSup: thats
RetaSup: not
RetaSup: appropriated
TheNameDoesntFi: appropriated< LOL
RetaSup: and rammus for
RetaSup: unskilled bplayer
TheNameDoesntFi: almost unskilled as 4/12
RetaSup: no idiot
Yurippe Nakamura: me likey ignore lists

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