Friday, April 22, 2011

Hidan no Aria 02 - "Aria the Quadra" ~spoilers~

The episode this week is more humor than actual plot, as well as a brief introduction to Butei's school system. Aria wants Kinji to be her slave, and to be a part of her Assault team. Kinji refuses as he's already transferred out from that class, plus he plans to quit Butei. Of course, Aria is stubborn and persistent enough to bring her things with her and stay at his place, causing her to kick him out for a few hours. Shirayuki visits Kinji to bring food, as well as to notify him that she will be away. Of course, this ensues hilarity as Aria is in the shower, making Shirayuki curious, with Kinji trying his best to cover it up. The next day, Kinji grabs a commission to get away from Aria, only to find her at the front gates. They then start looking for a lost cat, detouring to a park for a break (and a fistful of rage from Aria to Kinji). After more free time from Aria, Kinji meets with Riko to bring her games, in exchange for information on Aria herself. Kinji goes home to an impressed Aria, but is confronted with her stubbornness, persuading him to join Assault. In an attempt to suppress his HSS, Kinji agrees to do it for one mission as an elective.

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