Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunny Sunshiny at DEMACIAAAAAAAA!!

Before everything else:


Anyways, I've been playing Ezreal quite a bit over the past couple of days, and I must say he's a very fun champion. The problem I see with him is that a lot of people have so many ways in building him. I've seen AD Ezreal (destroys early game) and AP Ezreal (destroys late game), so I thought "there's gotta be a hybrid guide." Thankfully, StaticFX from Mobafire had one, and tried it out. I'm not that reliant on builds, though, and did some changes of my own, as well as following my own order.
Game #1 Replay file - 9/2/8 Hybrid Ezreal [LOSS] -
Yeah, we did lose this match, and with good reason. We did not have any hard CC at all. Caitlyn's traps were near useless, Singed was doing pretty bad, and Tryndamere was just flat out terrible. Because of this, Jax was able to get free reign to get farmed and fed, destroying my health bar to about 1/3 with one Empowered Leap Strike. Yeah, it was that bad. All in all, the build works, but the late game scaling is still pretty weird. I wouldn't say bad because I could tear Ashe apart easily, but ehhh, I don't know.

Post Game Analysis
- Hybrid Ezreal brings early game dominance of AD and late game scaling of AP. However, it's still a jack-of-all-trades, and a master of jack shit.
- No hard CC = instalose.
- Tryndamere is highly hit or miss. I've seen Trynds 3-shot me as Sona. I've also see Trynds who ulti at 3/4 health >.>
- A good Karma brings a lot to the table in terms of protection and damage, but her heal is just lackluster no matter what.

 Game #2 Replay File - 8/0/9 DPS Jarvan [WIN] -
I love Jarvan. He's become one of my favorite Demacians, second only to Lux (FAINARU SPAAAAAKU!). Though his knockup takes a bit of getting used to, his ultimate is what sets him apart from a lot of champions. Bad Jarvans use this to initiate, trap their team's squishies, then get flamed. Good Jarvans use this to isolate the squishies and kill them. The best Jarvans use this to chase a squishy who already used Flash and finish them off with the initial burst from it.

Anyways, his synergy with Sion (or any other champion with a true ranged stun/snare) is amazing. A stunned champion means you can land your combo at full damage. I think this is one of my best games with Jarvan aside from when I used to build him like Irelia as Tanky DPS, and got a collateral Demacian Standard kill. His passive totally wrecks face. It's a free Madred's Bloodrazor every 6 seconds, or every first hit on a champion. That's a nice, big chunk of health.

Post Game Analysis
- Jarvan's ultimate requires precise timing. Getting someone in there with a Flash is a wasted ult. Getting your entire team trapped in there is even worse.
- Stun lanes are still dominant early game.
- 3 offtanks are actually good against a tank-offtank team, provided they all play at a respectable level, which in this game, they did.

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