Monday, April 25, 2011

Ranked Games: I dogone did it~

Y-Y-Y-You what?!

It was a great first win, but we ended up with bad teammates plus people who can't talk in English for shit, so it was disappointing. I was duo-queued with xPrTx. He did great on the first game, but he ended up playing at a less-than-desirable level in the next two, but still managed to keep his KDA ratio positive.

Game #1, he played as Brand, and I was jungling as Irelia. I never have jungled with her before, but I do have some paths that I use for most junglers (Lee Sin starting at Wraiths, Yi starting at tiny golems), and I have jungled with Master Yi and Olaf before. I had a couple of successful ganks early game, but when midgame came, I decided to deviate from my regular build and add an item before it. Bad idea. I suffered heavily from that (what made me do it in ranked, idk). However, it did get into the 50-min mark, and I was able to recuperate and redo my build. 5/11/29

Game #2, I changed to Jarvan IV. I wanted to make a DPS build for that game, but it was terrible. I kept getting focused whether or not I initiate, forcing me to rebuild offtank. Also, my masteries page bugged out while I was filling it up, adding more problems. The rebuild was too late, grabbing us a loss. 11/10/18

Game #3, I changed to Xin Zhao, since I was second pick. This is when the terribad kids who could barely talk in english came in. Of course, that wasn't the only reason. They were also bad. Of course, I also blame myself, because at the end of that game, I went 2/8/2.

All in all, it was a great experience. When there's something on the line, I tend to play more serious. However, the number of ranked-viable champs I play is low. I do intend on fixing that, and hopefully the next few games turn out better.


  1. Sounds like it was at the very least educational.

    Just out of curiosity, what are considered "ranked" champions?

  2. IMO they're champs who have a lot of utility for whichever role they have. For example, Alistar could easily flash into a team, pulverize, and knock the enemy carry back into your team. He's beefy enough to do that. Or something like Soraka who has a global heal plus a silence. Annie has an AOE stun, plus she scales great late game.

  3. That sounds like a fair guideline... I main Lux these days (Want Sailor Moon skin!) with Flash, and Clairvoyance...

    Works well for me so far, but I have a small ways to go before I hit 30.

  4. Haha, I actually have a Marisa Kirisame touhou skin. It does fit her because Lux is a complete reference to her, especially since Shurelia loves touhou.