Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh my, an actual anime-related post?

Yep. I'm just going to discuss the shows I'll be watching this season. There are a lot of shows this spring that are catching my eye, and they cannot be left unwatched!

Kampfer - Fur Die Liebe
I have not actually seen season 1, so that is actually my priority at the moment. The main plot of a story is about Natsuru Senou, a high-school boy that finds himself transformed into a girl. A disemboweled stuffed tiger then explains that he (or she) is now a Kampfer, a female fighter destined to fight others of their kind.

Anyways, more of my impressions. I have not seen the first season, but Episode 1 kept me reeling on my seat from laughter. It's a great show, but there's a lot of sexual innuendo, which isn't necessarily bad. I have yet to see Episode 2, but a friend says that it's just as good.

(L to R) Minko, Nako, Ohana, Yuina

Hana Saku Iroha
This is actually the first show on the spring list that caught my eye. I've always loved slice-of-life shows like Lucky Star and K-ON, but unlike LS and like K-ON, this does have an underlying plot. The story revolves around Ohana Matsumae, a 16-year-old girl who is forced to move to a distant relative due to her mother and her boyfriend eloping to evade debt. The bad news is that her grandmother has disowned her mother, and does not see her as a true grandchild. This presents problems for Ohana, and keeps a serious tone in the show, whilst still providing great humor.

Episode 1 definitely set my sights on the rest of the season. Though it doesn't provide much background, we learn quite a bit about Ohana herself, seeing a lot of things as "romantic" or "adventurous." Of course, her energy goes out the window when Kou, her childhood friend, pulls off a surprising move (which I will not spoil). This episode mainly focuses on the overarching plot, and introduces the main characters as well. Also, this actually sparks the conflict between Ohana and Minko, though it's more of a one-sided conflict than anything.

Episode 2 is split into two parts: the actual title where Ohana takes revenge by making the staff eat their least favorite food, and a problem with a customer who has lost his "masterpiece" due to Ohana cleaning out his room, a warning that Nako forgot to mention. We see more of Ohana's good side, protecting Nako from her grandmother's wrath. Also, this episode actually intensifies Minko's strong dislike against Ohana, but Ohana "fights back" at the end of the ep to take revenge on both Minko and Nako by serving them their least favorite food for their staff breakfast.

Oh yeah... Makise in Seira cosplay *A*

I actually marathoned ChaoS;HeaD after watching the first two episodes, and we all see what effect that did. Anyways, STEINS;GATE is set a year after the events of ChaoS;HeaD. The story revolves around self-proclaimed mad scientist Okabe Rintarou (or Kyouma Hououin, as he likes to call himself) and his "lab staff" of two: Mayuri Shiina, and Itaru Hashida.

I will have to say that both episodes were a total mindfuck, just like the first few episodes of CH. It was just confusing as hell, but it still provided a strong storyline. The main reason it was confusing were just the events. They were outrageous and outright weird, and they left you on your toes on what is coming up next. I mean come on... would you not get creeped out if you place a banana in a modified microwave, expect it to turn into gel, but it ends up disappearing and OH MY FUCKING GOD IT'S ATTACHED TO THE ENTIRE BUNCH AGAIN AS GEL!? Seriously, this show has a lot of WTF and GEE-ZUS moments so far, and that's only two episodes. I'm sure I will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed CH, but without my Kozu-pii ; A ;

Hidan no Aria
I'll be upfront: I have no fucking idea what this show is about. However, it does have 3 things I like: boobs, guns, and Rie Kugimiya. Yes, you heard me, RIE KUGIMIYA. She has been one of my favorite voice actresses second only to Aya Hirano. You might remember her tsundere roles and their look alikes from Shakugan no Shana (Shana), Zero no Tsukaima (Louise), Hayate no Gotoku (Nagi Sanzenin), and Toradora (Taiga Aisaka). Well, I think it's another tsundere fang girl *dies of moe overload* so I'm definitely sticking around for this show... Here's to hoping it won't be another HOTD. That had boobs and guns, but not enough tsundere fang girls. XD

Also, aside from those, I have Ga-Rei Zero, the Vesperia movie, and the Haruhi movie to watch. They're from previous seasons, so I won't explain them at all.

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