Sunday, January 29, 2012

[FONV] "NIGHT" Image Gallery

Ehhh, it's mostly the posters and billboards XD But I have a couple of screenshots of my character.

Also, I have a mod that turns ED-E into an android as opposed to an eyebot.

Finalized my weapons to:
- Kimber II Gold Custom
- AR-15 Magpul
- Accuracy International AWM
- Remington 870 Magnum

Just picked up Veronica. Boone is running the AS50 and Striker. ED-E is using the BF2142 Park-52 and Clark Shotgun. It's hard for me to deviate from the devastating Boone + ED-E perk combo, especially at night.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

[MW3] Back to eSports w/ Risen Gaming

TWL S&D Seasons are well underway, and so I've been playing MW3 more and more (but not as much as I want to). I've been maining the FAD lately, as it helps me with my aim. Why? Because that amazing TTK at mid-range is useless without good aim. While most engagements are mid-range, I still feel that the FAD is "competitive" in close range. You'll see a lot of people with the ACR, which is the most well-rounded gun for this level of play. I'm sad that the iconic AK47-Deagle combo has been dethroned. Still, FAD + Five-Seven or P99 is just great. I like lasers, that's why I used the L85 a lot when I played Rifleman for a short while in AVA for Double Take, and MP7 when I Pointman (which is what I mainly played for a long time).

So far, I am with Team Depravity, Risen Gaming's B Team. Yeah, it's the B team, but I'm still the new guy. I'm lucky enough to get a starter position since I've been scrimming the most out of all the B team members.

I'm definitely going to spend at least a couple of hours a night going into an ESL/TWL rules S&D barebones. Also, I'll have our latest scrim uploaded to YouTube tonight if possible, maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

[FALLOUT NV] A Full Restart: VH Hardcore

Name: Night
Role/Class: OMA
Background/Tendencies: NCR Alignment, NCR ending.
Restrictions: Accurate, suppressed weapons.
- 9mm Pistol
- 10mm Pistol
- 12.7mm Pistol
- .22 Pistol
- 9mm SMG
- 12.7mm SMG
- .22 SMG
- .45 Auto Pistol
- Anti-Materiel Rifle (MUST HAVE!!)
- Sniper Rifle
- .44 Pimpy 1H
- Varmint Rifle
- Infiltrator
- Assault Carbine (non-GRA WMX)
- Marksman Carbine
- Homemade Assault Rifle
- Homemade Sniper

S - 5 (+1 from Intense Training)
P - 5
E - 7
C - 1 (dump stat)
I - 9
A - 5 (+1 from Small Frame)
L - 8

S - 7
P - 6
E - 8
C - 1
I - 10
A - 7
L - 9

- Small Frame
- Skilled

- Guns
- Lockpick
- Repair

Perks (Up to LV30)
2 - Intense Training (STR)
4 - Educated
6 - Hand Loader
8 - Strong Back
10 - Finesse
12 - Heavyweight
14 - Adamantium Skeleton
16 - Weapon Handling
18 - Better Criticals
20 - Comprehension
22 - Explorer
24 - Pack Rat
26 - Bloody Mess
28 - Hit the Deck
30 - Implant GRX

Friday, January 20, 2012

[FALLOUT NV] More Characters!!

Note: Guns focus > Energy Weapons focus. There's just so many options on Guns to ignore. If it was like Planetside's Pulsar where it has an Armor-Piercing alt fire, then I'd go for them.

Character #1 - Iris
Reference: Material Sniper
Role: Restrictive Sneak/Sniper, Guns Focus
Background: Iris was trained by the NCR, 1st Recon. However, she only stayed for the mandatory years of service. She wishes for a free Wasteland, and is more aligned to work with the Followers of Apocalypse, but will pursue an NCR-controlled New Vegas.
Restrictions: One sniper and one backup. Backups can be anything, but Iris is limited to carrying TWO WEAPONS. Grenades are unlimited.
Qualifying Sniper weapons include all high-accuracy rifles:
- Brush Gun
- Lever-Action Rifle
- Cowboy Repeater
- Trail Carbine
- Varmint Rifle
- Hunting Rifle
- Sniper Rifle
- Anti-Materiel Rifle

Character #2 - Barnette
Reference: Vandread
Role: Automatic Weapons Expert, Guns Focus
Background: She's lived as a mercenary for quite a while. Though she will work for the highest bidder, she is still a professional, and would rather have an independent Mojave. Will pursue Yes Man's independent New Vegas.
Restrictions: Fully-automatic weapons only. With Selective Fire mod installed, as long as the weapon supports it innately, one can use single-fire and burst.
- 9mm SMG (Auto only)
- 10mm SMG
- 12.7mm SMG
- Light Machine Gun
- .45 Auto SMG
- 9mm Machine Pistol
- Tactical Machine Pistol
- 5mm SMG
- Minigun
- Shoulder-Mounted Machine Gun
- Assault Carbine
- Marksman Carbine

Character #3 - Suou
Reference: Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini
Role: Heavy Weapons Expert
Background: She has no memories of her childhood except that she knows not to trust anyone especially the NCR, who performed the experiments on her. She despises the NCR and the Legion equally, and will pursue Mr. House's agenda to keep control of New Vegas.
Restrictions: Heavy Weapons only.
- Red Glare
- Missile Launcher
- Fat Man
- Minigun
- Flamer
- Incinerator
- Heavy Incinerator
- Plasma Caster
- Gatling Laser
- Grenade Machine Gun

Character #4 - miku.append
Reference: VOCALOID
Role: One-Weapon Focus
Background: Uhhhh, it's hard to give her a background. I guess since she's a Vocaloid, she could either follow Yes, Man (if I end up deciding I should kill Benny) or Mr. House.
Restrictions: With the T.I.N.A. mod installed, she can only use the Pimpy. However, she can use ONE weapon until she could get .44 Magnum rounds.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

[Fallout: NV] Starting Anew: VH Hardcore!

Yeah you heard me, I will be playing on VH Hardcore, and without a Sneak/Sniper build! This'll present a very big challenge, especially with the rebalancing Project Nevada adds.

First off, here's a complete list of mods I have installed:
- Project Nevada: Adds bullet time, stealth field, cybernetics, and rebalances most of the game.
- Mission Mojave: Unofficial fixes by the community
- Weapon Mods Expanded (WMX): Adds weapon mods to those that have less than 3 mods, as well as adding some modern weapons, namely Desert Eagle, P90, AA-12, and WA2000.
- Anime Voice Studio: I have the Kugyuu+Hisayo voices (with a little bit of Hiromi Konno aka Akira Kogami).

Anyways, onto character creation!

(Note that I have FONV running RIGHT NOW as I am typing this, so there's going to be a lot of changes)

Name: Homura (COME AT ME BRO)
Role/Class: Historical Weapon Expert
Background: YOU DON'T NEED NO BACKGROUND, but for the sake of FONV immersion, she was an NCR Ranger, hence most of her actions will benefit them. However, she has seen the darker side of the NCR, and has lived the wasteland without them, meaning she will consider an option if it benefits the civilized common people of the Mojave more.
Restrictions (the biggest list!): Seeing I have Honest Hearts installed, I am limiting myself to WWII weapons.
- .45 Auto Pistol (M1911)
- 9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power, used by Australian and Canadian forces)
- .357 Revolver (S&W MP 1899 Revolver, and Patton's Model 27)
- .44 Revolver (Patton had a Colt SAA chambered in .45)
- .45 Auto SMG (Thompson)
- Battle Rifle (M1 Garand)
- 9mm Submachine Gun (M3 Grease Gun)
- Caravan Shotgun (Coach Guns)
- Double-Barrel Shotgun (Coach Guns)
- Hunting Shotgun (Model 12 Shotgun)
- Riot Shotgun (Ithaca M37)
- Missile Launcher (Bazooka/Panzershreck/Panzerfaust)
- Grenade Rifle (M1/Kar98 rifle grenades)
- Anti-Materiel Rifle (PTRD-41)
- Automatic Rifle (BAR)
- Silenced .22 SMG (looks like a Thompson derivative)

S - 5 (+1 from Intense Training)
P - 5
E - 7
C - 1 (dump stat)
I - 9
A - 5 (+1 from Small Frame)
L - 8

- Small Frame
- Kamikaze

- Guns
- Explosives
- Repair (Need 70 by LV6 for Hand Load)

Perks (Up to LV30)
2 - Intense Training (STR)
4 - Educated
6 - Hand Loader
8 - Strong Back
10 - Finesse
12 - Heavyweight
14 - Adamantium Skeleton
16 - Weapon Handling
18 - Better Criticals
20 - Comprehension
22 - Explorer
24 - Pack Rat
26 - Tag!
28 - Hit the Deck
30 - Implant GRX

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TL;DR - New Year's Goals, Fallout + Lolis, and Nihongo

TL;DR isn't exactly some new series of posts. It's more of "bulk posting." If I have a lot of stuff to write about in one day, I will make a TL;DR post, then proceed to make two or more new posts the next day. I usually limit myself to one day, but sometimes I just have a lot of things I want to talk about, while still keeping everything reasonably lengthy.

New Year's Goals!
I'm pretty sure I posted this on deviantART on the first week of January, but meh, I will repost this here.

- Get a decent job. Gotta pay the bills soon.
- Improve portfolio. This means I need to start working on that shooter project I've basically forgotten (but I still have my very rough design doc). Also, I'll be working on the RPG design docs. There are two of them, and I could basically merge them into one project.
- Lose weight. My minimum is 40 lbs. It'll be tough, but if I keep at it the entire year, I can do it. I really want to be fit enough to do kendo, and for practice, I will be sitting in seiza whenever I do my next goal:
- Study Japanese at least 2 hours a day TOTAL. I will probably do 2 stints a day, because I have four resources to shuffle about (2 textbooks, 2 websites). On top of this, I want to be able to get a decent score on practice JLPT Level 5 tests.

- Play at least 5 games of League of Legends a night, preferably ranked.

Fallout: New Vegas
So I just beat 3 DLCs, and even though I'm at Normal, I'm already LV40. I will say Dead Money is just terrible. It's so damn hard when you're playing Project Nevada (due to the loot rebalance). I will post some info on my current Sniper/Sneak character, plus some background on my new character. I'm going to add some sort of roleplay element to this second playthrough, although everything will be maxed out (it's inevitable, really) by LV50.

LOLIS, YOU SAY? Yeah, I have Shojo mod installed. Although I am currently playing loli short-hair Yozora XD my next character will STILL be a loli, but with some RP in it. More mod info in the post.

Nihongo and Work
I'm pretty lucky the textbooks I borrowed from the library isn't exactly being put on any holds. I don't even have to go to the library to renew as I could do it online.

As for progress, I've been slacking off :< I'm going to do some "by the numbers" scheduling tomorrow. I really don't have no work. My current "work" is Amazon's Mechanical Turk HITs and whatnot. Still, it's a source of income.