Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quickie Anime Update!

Alright, so I've managed to watch Hidan no Aria today, and I do have new additions to my watch list.

Rie Kugimiya at her finest!

Hidan no Aria
Well, I did predict it right. Aria is DEFINITELY a loli tsundere fang girl *dies of even more moe overload* though I wouldn't say she's a total loli, because she still has a prominent... err... chest area. Besides, I like DFCs.

*coughcough* Moving on, I like the simplicity of the plot so far. With a show like this, I'd like to see more action and humor than anything. Shakugan no Shana has the same formula, but the story is more present. Season 2 was just balls and the directors should be shot. Anyways, the main protagonist, Kinji Tohyama, is a student in Butei High School. What sets this school apart from others is the license to kill... so to speak. They are permitted to bring firearms and various weaponry to school due to a past incident involving a "Butei Killer," targeting the high school's students. They are introduced as mercenaries, able to do anything as long as they are within school law.

The episode starts up with Kinji riding his bike at tremendous speeds, with an Uzi-mounted segway chasing him. This alone caught my eye and kept my interest, as you may or may not know, I'm a gun nut on some level. Basically anything military or firearm related strikes my fancy (there's a reason my TV box was "stuck" on channels 125-128, which includes the Military Channel and Military History Channel). After that scene, we are taken back to the moments beforehand, introducing the basic plotline and a couple of characters, including Shirayuki Hotogi, a close friend of Kinji. She's the epitome of ladylike, though Kinji is more concerned about... ehem... her black bra.

The rest of the first episode is what happens during the intro, as well as revealing Kinji's "condition" called HSS (NO, not Heartseeker Strike, you LOL readers. It's Hysteria Savant Syndrome), in which he undergoes a personality and mindset change. During the encounter with the Uzi segways with Aria, it's been shown that he gains superhuman skillsets reminiscent of the movie "Wanted," able to see bullets fired at him with unmatched precision and speed, dodging the Uzi shots and then taking down all the units with a single bullet each thru the barrel, detonating them. Of course, our loli tsundere keeps QQ-ing about Kinji and "stripping" her, and the HSS-induced Kinji smoothly calls her a middle school student whom he has no intention of stripping, and an elementary intern thereafter.

My impressions: I'm going to fall in love with this show. It's amazing so far. With Rie Kugimiya's topnotch voice acting and the way she plays her characters, it's damn obvious this show will make bank.

(L to R) Run, Tooru, Nagi, Yuuko)

Oh, this show made me giggle inside. I have longed for another slice-of-life show, not too serious like Hana Saku Iroha, but not as plot-oriented as K-ON. This is more reminscent of Lucky Star than anything, but with a K-ON twist. Why? Run's seiyuu is Kaori Fukuhara, Tsukasa from Lucky Star. Yuuko's seiyuu is Minako Kotobuki, Tsumugi from K-ON. Anyways, since this is a slice-of-life show, I'll just go over the characters.

Run is definitely befitting of Tsukasa's seiyuu. She's an airhead like her, but she has this Yui Hirasawa genki factor with her. I mean come on, don't you think Yui would think the same thing of using a trash bag with a hole for your face as a raincoat? nee~? neeeeeee~?

Nagi reminds me of Miyuki's smarts, but with a bit of Ritsu's personality. She loves to tease Yuuko (which I'll cover in a bit), but she's also got a bit of an intellectual side.

Yuuko... oh Yuuko. She's definitely just like Mio. She hates scary stories, she gets a bit nervous around Tooru, oh and she's got the chest equivalent of Mio. *cough* Well, look at her hair, too. I know you're screaming moe~ moe~ kyun~ in your head right now. Oh, and like I said, Nagi loves to tease Yuuko, which can all remind us of the Ritsu-Mio jabs, though she's not as aggressive as Mio.

Tooru. She's a unique character. I would have said Azusa, but she's not THAT quiet, nor is she that fierce. She gets introduced to Run's friends in such a weird way, that she has what I would say a jealousy against Yuuko, going as far as giving her a massive bean dip (if you don't know what that means, it's basically done by "scooping" someone's chest area and yelling "bean dip." Guys usually do that to each other just to annoy each other, but imagine girls doing it XD) and god only knows what she usually does next. Though she's that way, I think she's the cutest character out of all of them. She has a strong attachment to Run, even wishing they had the same classes together. With this attachment, she also feels responsible in keeping Run in line, going as far as getting herself and her uniform dirty to save Run from a car as she blindly follows a butterfly like a true airhead, or uhhh... forgetting her socks and... umm... uhhh... pantsu... at home.

Another slice-of-life show I'm looking forward to seeing. I'll probably rewatch K-ON and LS on downtimes, but meh, I've some other shows to watch, too.

Reading the entry in ANN and Wikipedia, this is another school life show that revolves around the weird and outrageuous.

"The series follows the lives of a group of high school students and their school. Various oddities and absurdities abound, such as a robotic girl made by an eight-year-old scientist, a boy who rides a goat to school with his butler, a girl who can procure various guns out of thin air, a cat that can speak and a principal who has wrestled a deer. Despite its bizarre settings and characters, the students still lead normal lives."

Seeing people have been watching it with good praise, I'm definitely going to be checking this out.

Well, that's it for the rest of my anime update. From here on out, I'll be doing recaps for the latest episodes of those shows that I mentioned, as well as others that I've followed before the Spring season.
Hidan no Aria EP2
Nichijou EP4
A-Channel EP3
Kampfer: Fur Die Liebe EP3
Hana Saku Iroha EP3
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica EP11 and EP12 Final (they are airing in Japan as an hour-long special)

Also, please note that I will only do one post a day... usually. However, I may put out an anime post and a League of Legends post on one day. Other than that, it's one post per subject. Also, today is an exception because Hana Saku Iroha EP3 is out.

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