Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Champion Rotation: Trying out Caitlyn and Ryze

I've been wanting to try out Caitlyn for a while now, and I was pretty stoked when she got into the rotation this week. However, I did not expect her to be an easy champ, and it showed in my first few games.

My first game was a disaster, though we still won (I blame my buddy for ending it so early, 20min surrender). 0/0/1. This game helped me get the hang of her Q and passive. My 2nd game was just as terrible, 0/2/5. I will have to blame that on last game where we didn't even have one teamfight, so I wasn't sure how Caitlyn would perform. My 3rd game was my good one, 6/4/5. I started pushing her to the limit, making sure I know when to back out and when to keep fighting. Even when you have a squishy champ like Nocturne at 1/4 health against your 2/3, 1v1 isn't really her thing (learned that the hard way).

I'll keep playing her during the week, while doing some matches with my "mains," namely Irelia, Shen, and Marisa.... I mean Lux (though I haven't used her since a week after I bought her).

Ryze, well... he's a totally different story. I had to lane solo against Le Blanc, who in turn nuked half my health, and outleveled me terribly. His combo confuses the crap out of me, especially since I'm not used to someone who can pull a skill every 2 seconds (Irelia's Bladesurge goes up to 4 seconds). Well, I'll give him a try this week as well, but I doubt I'll solo lane.

It still makes me laugh that after some abyssmal games, I went 14/1/9 with Irelia, 10 killstreak. OP much? Nah, I heard she's just a bit more balanced in high ELO.

Just a bit of theorycrafting, I'm thinking maybe I could stack 3 items on AD (for her Q and R), and some AS (just to proc her passive much faster). I'm not sure if AS would be beneficial in a teamfight anyways, since it takes 8 shots to proc her passive. Any thoughts on builds with her?

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