Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I went back to MW2 and...

Jeebus, how do people play this game? I swear, 90% of my deaths were from:
- Laggy commando knifers
- Campers
- Commando knifers
- Laggy Campers
- Did I mention lag?

In all seriousness, yes, it's fast-paced, but to throw away balance out of the window since day 1 is just terrible. I had enough decency to use just the "slightly overpowered" guns (aka FAMAS or FAMAMAMAMAMAS), whilst everyone else ran M1014s (or I should say "camped M1014s"), Akimbo Glocks, and noobtubes (which I felt like got nerfed because I never did get killed by one, only hitmarkered).

My only good game this morning

Anyways, I'm uninstalling it, and maybe reinstalling Black Ops... or just playing Crysis 2 today (though I won't be actually buying it till next month, SP Only for now).

In other news, looks like a lot of shows got delayed this week. I'm really really antsy for Madoka Magica EP11, but relief efforts to those in Japan are much more important than this show. During the weekend, Countdown321 had their 14th Video Games Festival. I did not tune in yesterday, but when I logged off Sunday night, they had made roughly $1020 and beat 42 games for a relief fund. You guys rock, and thanks to all those who donated. I would have definitely donated, but I'm pushing my budget right now.

Not sure if this will be my only post today, but we'll see. I've got tons of homework =w=

Oh, before I forget:

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