Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grizz Status!!

**I'll post my replay files here if you want to see them. You need to download LOL Replays from to watch them.

I've played Caitlyn a bit more, experimenting with different builds, and she really shines if you have a high AD stack with AS. She plays a bit like Ashe, but more of a support role than an actual ranged carry. She can also act as cleanup with her ulti, provided the projectile doesn't get blocked from a smart champion or a clusterfuck of them.

Game #1, I was just solo queueing Normal. I laned solo top against a Kog'Maw and Caitlyn. I was horribly harrassed there, and got my tower at about 6 mins. It's a pretty sad sight, but we definitely rebounded. We took down their towers thereafter, without another one down for us for a while. In this game, I had some fun with my ulti. I think this is really the first game where I started to learn Caitlyn's skills and their effective use, as well as the fact that a Frozen Mallet is a weird choice for a ranged carry. She really doesn't need a slow proc early game, and late game, you end up sniping them with your ulti for tons of damage if you got something like Infinity Edge or Black Cleaver/s.
-- Win, 12/1/15 --

Game #2, I was playing with my friend Jai Huynh. I laned mid against Le Blanc, and that totally got me into a bad mindset. I got recked by LB when I played Ryze, so I thought it would be the same deal here. I was about to get a Long Sword to start (early Brutalizer), but I thought I'd get extra health, so I got a Doran's Blade. Great idea it was, because I was able to stay in lane till LV6, where I bp'd back for pots and a couple of Long Swords. This is when my damage started to rack up, and when I got my Brutalizer, enemy champions have been getting a pretty nice nuke from yours truly.
When our mid teamfighting started, someone yelled at me for "staring" at the enemy champs, saying I ignored Yi for a kill. I did blow my ulti on him, but he ended up surviving with 7hp. I could have gone in there and autoattacked, but I'm not as reckless (I wouldn't say reckless, but more of "high risk, high reward" mindset) like Jai.
As we got 4 kills down with me and a Malphite that bp'd, I was about to bp, when thankfully, one of my teammates reminded me that we had 4 kills on their team, and since Udyr was the only one left, I could kill their inhibitor. By this time, I had so much AD and AS that I took down the inhib fairly quickly. The game ended in an ace, and I got some awesome Grizz shots in the game.
Also, Jai gave me some awesome feedback after the game. The build works, for sure, but it's obviously a case of PEBKAC. I wasn't pushing with the group enough, nor staying long enough to just auto-attack. I always instinctively run whenever I see a sea of red nameplates, even in a teamfight. I never have been able to get rid of that, but I'll definitely be pushing Caitlyn's limits next time.
-- Win, 10/2/8 --

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  1. Oh, hey! I've been searching for a while, looking for something to record replays with. I've been trying to use Livestream but it's choppy due to it streaming as well (blargh).
    I'll check out the replays, just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the heads-up on the tool.