Monday, March 21, 2011

Jeebus, another blog?

A lot of people may probably not know that I used to run ROFLOtaku. It really didn't turn out great, as I was too neglectful of it. I enjoy writing blogs, but it's just that I forget to do so, and I get so distracted with many things.

Anyways, you might wonder what you may see here. Here's a list:
- Anime Reviews by episode. Definitely gonna start with Madoka EP11, and once one of the Spring anime start.
- Daily (hopefully) posts of various games. Currently, League of Legends will always be there. I always play at least one game a day. Right now, I'm looking at Crysis 2, Dragon Age 1/2, and some Shogun 2: Total War.
- Various J-Culture posts. J-Rock, J-Merch, etc.

I'm definitely hoping I get to do this more often. I'll keep myself reminded yo.

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