Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TL;DR - New Year's Goals, Fallout + Lolis, and Nihongo

TL;DR isn't exactly some new series of posts. It's more of "bulk posting." If I have a lot of stuff to write about in one day, I will make a TL;DR post, then proceed to make two or more new posts the next day. I usually limit myself to one day, but sometimes I just have a lot of things I want to talk about, while still keeping everything reasonably lengthy.

New Year's Goals!
I'm pretty sure I posted this on deviantART on the first week of January, but meh, I will repost this here.

- Get a decent job. Gotta pay the bills soon.
- Improve portfolio. This means I need to start working on that shooter project I've basically forgotten (but I still have my very rough design doc). Also, I'll be working on the RPG design docs. There are two of them, and I could basically merge them into one project.
- Lose weight. My minimum is 40 lbs. It'll be tough, but if I keep at it the entire year, I can do it. I really want to be fit enough to do kendo, and for practice, I will be sitting in seiza whenever I do my next goal:
- Study Japanese at least 2 hours a day TOTAL. I will probably do 2 stints a day, because I have four resources to shuffle about (2 textbooks, 2 websites). On top of this, I want to be able to get a decent score on practice JLPT Level 5 tests.

- Play at least 5 games of League of Legends a night, preferably ranked.

Fallout: New Vegas
So I just beat 3 DLCs, and even though I'm at Normal, I'm already LV40. I will say Dead Money is just terrible. It's so damn hard when you're playing Project Nevada (due to the loot rebalance). I will post some info on my current Sniper/Sneak character, plus some background on my new character. I'm going to add some sort of roleplay element to this second playthrough, although everything will be maxed out (it's inevitable, really) by LV50.

LOLIS, YOU SAY? Yeah, I have Shojo mod installed. Although I am currently playing loli short-hair Yozora XD my next character will STILL be a loli, but with some RP in it. More mod info in the post.

Nihongo and Work
I'm pretty lucky the textbooks I borrowed from the library isn't exactly being put on any holds. I don't even have to go to the library to renew as I could do it online.

As for progress, I've been slacking off :< I'm going to do some "by the numbers" scheduling tomorrow. I really don't have no work. My current "work" is Amazon's Mechanical Turk HITs and whatnot. Still, it's a source of income.

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