Friday, January 20, 2012

[FALLOUT NV] More Characters!!

Note: Guns focus > Energy Weapons focus. There's just so many options on Guns to ignore. If it was like Planetside's Pulsar where it has an Armor-Piercing alt fire, then I'd go for them.

Character #1 - Iris
Reference: Material Sniper
Role: Restrictive Sneak/Sniper, Guns Focus
Background: Iris was trained by the NCR, 1st Recon. However, she only stayed for the mandatory years of service. She wishes for a free Wasteland, and is more aligned to work with the Followers of Apocalypse, but will pursue an NCR-controlled New Vegas.
Restrictions: One sniper and one backup. Backups can be anything, but Iris is limited to carrying TWO WEAPONS. Grenades are unlimited.
Qualifying Sniper weapons include all high-accuracy rifles:
- Brush Gun
- Lever-Action Rifle
- Cowboy Repeater
- Trail Carbine
- Varmint Rifle
- Hunting Rifle
- Sniper Rifle
- Anti-Materiel Rifle

Character #2 - Barnette
Reference: Vandread
Role: Automatic Weapons Expert, Guns Focus
Background: She's lived as a mercenary for quite a while. Though she will work for the highest bidder, she is still a professional, and would rather have an independent Mojave. Will pursue Yes Man's independent New Vegas.
Restrictions: Fully-automatic weapons only. With Selective Fire mod installed, as long as the weapon supports it innately, one can use single-fire and burst.
- 9mm SMG (Auto only)
- 10mm SMG
- 12.7mm SMG
- Light Machine Gun
- .45 Auto SMG
- 9mm Machine Pistol
- Tactical Machine Pistol
- 5mm SMG
- Minigun
- Shoulder-Mounted Machine Gun
- Assault Carbine
- Marksman Carbine

Character #3 - Suou
Reference: Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini
Role: Heavy Weapons Expert
Background: She has no memories of her childhood except that she knows not to trust anyone especially the NCR, who performed the experiments on her. She despises the NCR and the Legion equally, and will pursue Mr. House's agenda to keep control of New Vegas.
Restrictions: Heavy Weapons only.
- Red Glare
- Missile Launcher
- Fat Man
- Minigun
- Flamer
- Incinerator
- Heavy Incinerator
- Plasma Caster
- Gatling Laser
- Grenade Machine Gun

Character #4 - miku.append
Reference: VOCALOID
Role: One-Weapon Focus
Background: Uhhhh, it's hard to give her a background. I guess since she's a Vocaloid, she could either follow Yes, Man (if I end up deciding I should kill Benny) or Mr. House.
Restrictions: With the T.I.N.A. mod installed, she can only use the Pimpy. However, she can use ONE weapon until she could get .44 Magnum rounds.

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