Thursday, January 26, 2012

[MW3] Back to eSports w/ Risen Gaming

TWL S&D Seasons are well underway, and so I've been playing MW3 more and more (but not as much as I want to). I've been maining the FAD lately, as it helps me with my aim. Why? Because that amazing TTK at mid-range is useless without good aim. While most engagements are mid-range, I still feel that the FAD is "competitive" in close range. You'll see a lot of people with the ACR, which is the most well-rounded gun for this level of play. I'm sad that the iconic AK47-Deagle combo has been dethroned. Still, FAD + Five-Seven or P99 is just great. I like lasers, that's why I used the L85 a lot when I played Rifleman for a short while in AVA for Double Take, and MP7 when I Pointman (which is what I mainly played for a long time).

So far, I am with Team Depravity, Risen Gaming's B Team. Yeah, it's the B team, but I'm still the new guy. I'm lucky enough to get a starter position since I've been scrimming the most out of all the B team members.

I'm definitely going to spend at least a couple of hours a night going into an ESL/TWL rules S&D barebones. Also, I'll have our latest scrim uploaded to YouTube tonight if possible, maybe tomorrow.

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