Thursday, January 19, 2012

[Fallout: NV] Starting Anew: VH Hardcore!

Yeah you heard me, I will be playing on VH Hardcore, and without a Sneak/Sniper build! This'll present a very big challenge, especially with the rebalancing Project Nevada adds.

First off, here's a complete list of mods I have installed:
- Project Nevada: Adds bullet time, stealth field, cybernetics, and rebalances most of the game.
- Mission Mojave: Unofficial fixes by the community
- Weapon Mods Expanded (WMX): Adds weapon mods to those that have less than 3 mods, as well as adding some modern weapons, namely Desert Eagle, P90, AA-12, and WA2000.
- Anime Voice Studio: I have the Kugyuu+Hisayo voices (with a little bit of Hiromi Konno aka Akira Kogami).

Anyways, onto character creation!

(Note that I have FONV running RIGHT NOW as I am typing this, so there's going to be a lot of changes)

Name: Homura (COME AT ME BRO)
Role/Class: Historical Weapon Expert
Background: YOU DON'T NEED NO BACKGROUND, but for the sake of FONV immersion, she was an NCR Ranger, hence most of her actions will benefit them. However, she has seen the darker side of the NCR, and has lived the wasteland without them, meaning she will consider an option if it benefits the civilized common people of the Mojave more.
Restrictions (the biggest list!): Seeing I have Honest Hearts installed, I am limiting myself to WWII weapons.
- .45 Auto Pistol (M1911)
- 9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power, used by Australian and Canadian forces)
- .357 Revolver (S&W MP 1899 Revolver, and Patton's Model 27)
- .44 Revolver (Patton had a Colt SAA chambered in .45)
- .45 Auto SMG (Thompson)
- Battle Rifle (M1 Garand)
- 9mm Submachine Gun (M3 Grease Gun)
- Caravan Shotgun (Coach Guns)
- Double-Barrel Shotgun (Coach Guns)
- Hunting Shotgun (Model 12 Shotgun)
- Riot Shotgun (Ithaca M37)
- Missile Launcher (Bazooka/Panzershreck/Panzerfaust)
- Grenade Rifle (M1/Kar98 rifle grenades)
- Anti-Materiel Rifle (PTRD-41)
- Automatic Rifle (BAR)
- Silenced .22 SMG (looks like a Thompson derivative)

S - 5 (+1 from Intense Training)
P - 5
E - 7
C - 1 (dump stat)
I - 9
A - 5 (+1 from Small Frame)
L - 8

- Small Frame
- Kamikaze

- Guns
- Explosives
- Repair (Need 70 by LV6 for Hand Load)

Perks (Up to LV30)
2 - Intense Training (STR)
4 - Educated
6 - Hand Loader
8 - Strong Back
10 - Finesse
12 - Heavyweight
14 - Adamantium Skeleton
16 - Weapon Handling
18 - Better Criticals
20 - Comprehension
22 - Explorer
24 - Pack Rat
26 - Tag!
28 - Hit the Deck
30 - Implant GRX

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