Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sakuya's HoN Chronicles - Y U NO STAY IN GAME?

Seriously, there's always a disconnection... or a ragequitter.

I was trying out Dampeer earlier on a non-stats pub, and I will say that he's tons of fun. I'm amazed I got a 5-kill streak with him, too. The only thing that shut me down in that game was Night Hound in early levels, because when he times his smoke cloud right, I lose my nuke from Terrorize. If you don't know, Night Hound's smoke cloud slows and silences anyone in its radius.

Anyways, after a failed gank on top, our Bubbles died trying to "help," when little did he realize our Wretched Hag is bad, and I had 20 HP left. He ragequit after that, and minutes later, our Parasite did, too. 5v3 is so fun /sarcasm

Still, I think I just found my semi-carry :D A lot of people still think he's a semi-troll, but people think Succubus is a semi-troll, yet she can easily carry an entire game.

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