Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sakuya's HoN Chronicles - Nomad. Such a Badass.

They're both Nomad, and they're both awesome. Still, our topic is about the Sand Dude.

I love Nomad. Well, I love both of them. Nanosuit Nomad was one of the unsung heroes of Crysis. He's a stark contrast to the more brash Psycho, yet just as badass.

But this isn't about Nanosuit Nomad. This is about the Prince of Sands. He feels like your standard AFK farming hero, but somehow I have more fun with him than, let's say, Swiftblade. To the non-HoN players, here's a breakdown of his skills:

Q: Sandstorm - Nomad covers himself in sand, and grants him invisibility and additional movespeed. Furthermore, any allies inside the storm will be granted the same benefits. This makes ganking tons of fun when you take all 5 allies inside your Sandstorm and surprise the enemy.

W+E: Mirage Strike - Two skills in one, there's True Strike and Mirage Strike. True Strike (W) causes Nomad to charge to an enemy, and is given additional attack speed after he hits you with it. Mirage Strike (E) sends out a mirage to attack a target with Nomad's current attack damage, while making himself invisible.

Passive: Wanderer - Increase bonus attack damage depending on distance traveled. It will only proc at 20 charges (max 100), but every attack will grant you 25 charges if you have less than 20.

R: Edge Counter - For 1 second, enemy attacks done within this timeframe will cause Nomad to counterattack and send out a shockwave that deals damage + stuns the first damage dealer. Some spells cannot trigger this.

He's not full of utility or anything, but he's highly suited for 1v1. I just love his kit, very straightforward, yet maintains some flexibility.

I'll post a video analysis tomorrow, or maybe tonight. I could play LoL or something while it renders since it doesn't destroy my FPS.

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