Saturday, May 7, 2011

Monster Hunter: Why I hate Rathalos/Rathian

Yeah... Los and Ian. Two of my archenemies in MHP3rd. Seriously, they are annoying. They both have disgustingly powerful poison moves, and apparently, you can't dodge Los' without sheathing.

1. Poison Attacks. These HURT. BAD. The ticks on it are damn chunky, so if you don't chug an Antidote quick, expect a kitty cart.
2. Rage Mode. I had a lot of trouble killing them because of rage mode. Even with Auto-Guard on my GL, it's still a pain. On my LBG, you can almost never dodge them if you're too close, and I mean about 4 rolls away. They just charge you really quickly.
4. Item drops. Really? 2-4% on plates? I got an Ian plate, but I am still trying to get a Los plate. The drop rates are so terrible even when I break every single breakable part.

So, I've been doing some counting on Twitter, and I'll put those updates here as well.

Oh, and expect some individual pages to come up in a bit.

Attempt #1 - NO CIGAR. Got some Monster Fluid and Monster Bone+, as well as a good amount of scales.

Attempt #2 - NO CIGAR. Leggings are done. At a mere 2-4% drop, I think I'll need something with Cutter S, or melee it up.

Attempt #3 - NO CIGAR. Los LBG is complete, and will now move on for a bit to Barioth and get Cutter S.

Attempt #4 - NO CIGAR. However, I managed to get a tail cut with Cutter S. This shit has such short range, though.

Attempt #5 - NO CIGAR. Maybe I should get off Island and do it in Volcano?

Attempt #6 and #7 - NO CIGAR. Need another Rathalos Tail for GL upgrade, though. Razor Coats useless. Stick to Cutter S.

Attempt #8 - NO CIGAR. Did get a Los Tail, though, so I now have my Los GL.

Attempt #9 and #10 - NO CIGAR. Tried GS and GL again. Few rewards. ;w; #monsterhunter

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