Sunday, May 15, 2011

July Beckons - Anime Expo 2011

I haven't been to AX since 2007 when Aya Hirano was a guest of honor. That was when she was cool. Now, not so.

ANYWAYS, I'm definitely going, but at it currently stands, it's only for one day. Hopefully my buddy ephC pulls through with a room, so I can stay all 4 days. I am not spending $40 a day for gas for 4 days >.<

I'm doing a simple cosplay of Jonathan from MGS4, complete with mohawk. However, since weapons have been heavily banned in AX, I'm just bringing a watergun. Hopefully they have a rifle-sized one that looks decent, like these:

If I actually gave it more thought and knew I was going way before during the $60 passes, I would have done better cosplays. I was thinking Matsushita 5th Dan from Angel Beats. Recently, I also thought about cosplaying as Garen, but I need hair for that XD

EDIT: Due to my hard drive being a bitch and basically bottlenecking all of my applications, I am getting said hard drive at the cost of AX.

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