Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Broken or OP? A MHP3 Insight

I don't want a flame war here. Only civil discussions are allowed here.

So in MHP3, Dragon S went from mediocre to OP, given the right armor skills and weapon. Because it scaled with your weapon's raw + elemental, it's almost as if it always had Elemental Atk Up, even if you don't have the armor skill. I've been hearing things about how 21 shots out of 23 were enough to kill Akantor, though all shots were weakpoint hits. Still, it's pretty bad.

Then there's the Gunlance + auto-guard argument. I personally use Auto-Guard, but using it with a Gunlance is so... glitchy. With a lance, SnS, or GS, it only activates if you are not attacking while unsheathed, kinda like the HBG shield attachment. With the GL, there are so many animations that trigger it, mainly reloading. People tend to abuse the new single shot reload (Pressing circle to shoot then circle again after to reload a single shell) with this system, and it's been frowned upon by others.

I personally don't care if you use both of them, though if you start gloating about how good you are with these, I'm going to kick you in the crotch so hard your future children would feel it. That's like putting a "I'M SO GUD" video on Modern Warfare 2 with you sitting in a corner lobbing Danger Close noobtubes to anyone who gets near, while reloading with One Man Army. It kills people, yes, but it's the biggest target for troll and flame hammers.

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