Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MW3 Wish List

Even though there is a very slim chance I'm getting MW3, I definitely want to see these:

- Dedicated servers
- Map and Mod Tools
- NO PAID MAP DLC. COD: Elite should cover the monetary issue.
- Multiple server hosts. Stop limiting us to GameServers, because they are terrible.
- Bring back Stopping Power, but implement it in a way that it's basically required. You can sacrifice not using it to have less weapon damage, but very useful perks. Also, it should be a fixed value per weapon, and not percentage.
- Balanced weapons. Check weapons list for proposed stats.
- Balanced perks. Check perk list.
- No more stupid deathstreaks. Copycat is fine. Painkiller should be revamped where it gets disabled after 5 seconds, or if you start shooting. Also, it should not reduce damage by 2/3, but rather just have 150 health. That means you can still get 2-bursted by an M16 if all 6 shots land (meaning very close range). Final Stand should be Last Stand instead, leaving you with 1 or 2 health, but enables you to get back up after 10 seconds.
- Sniper ADS tweaked. In between regular and SOH Pro speeds.
- Revamp equipment system. Have Lethal and Tactical EQUIPMENT instead of grenades + equipment. Frag/Semtex/Tomahawk/C4/Claymore on Lethal, Stun/Flash/Smoke/Jammer/Motion Sensor on Tactical.
- Some attachments should be weapon specific, and should MAKE SENSE. You cannot increase the amount of shells you load in to a breech tube. You can, however, get a bigger magazine at the cost of mobility or stability/recoil.
- Follow COD Point system introduced in BOps. All weapons and equipment should be unlocked at halfway point. All perks should be unlocked at 3/5 point. Add high-level camo/facepaint instead of just unlocking through expert.
- Cold-Blooded will NOT have a ghillie suit. They will have the non-ghillie sniper rifle suits in MW2. Ghillies will only be used when you have a sniper rifle as a primary in your loadout.


Primary - Assault Rifles
M4 SOPMOD - COD4 M4, Increase from MW2 recoil with very minute amount
AK74M - COD4 AK47
ACR - Less damage, MW2 recoil
M14 EBR - MW2 FAL, Increase recoil, but should have less than COD4 M14 recoil
Robinson XCR - MW2 F2000, decrease recoil
SG550 - MW2 TAR, increase recoil and decrease fire rate
M16A4 - COD4 M16

Grenade Launcher - will NOT one-hit kill unless direct hit at any range
Holographic - Zoom level increase, middle ground between ACOG and RDS
Extended Mags

Primary - Shotguns
AA-12 - Very short range, 6 buckshot, 15 damage each. MW2 Striker fire rate and in reduced recoil from BOps SPAS-12
870 MCS - Basically MW2 SPAS-12, reduce damage but retain range.
SPAS-12 - MW2 M1014, less fire rate, 8 rounds.
TOZ-64 - BOps Olympia, MW2 SPAS-12 with slightly increased damage and same range, compensating for 2-round mag

Extended Mags
Muzzle Choke - Increase range at the cost of damage

Primary - Sniper Rifles
Intervention - MW2 Intervention, except allow for one-shot headshots while silenced
Barrett 50 Cal  - MW2 50 Cal, increased recoil
M21 - MW2 M21, Increase recoil from COD4 Dragunov, but less than Barrett
SVK - Integrated Silencer, Increase recoil from MW2 M21, but less than COD4 Dragunov, 1-shot headshot, 3-shot stomach, 2-shot chest and shoulders like BOps L96A1

Variable Zoom
Extended Mags

Primary - Submachine Guns
MP5A5 - MW2 MP5k
Kriss - MW2 Vector
SG552 - MW2 Mini-Uzi
MP7A1 - MW2 P90 with 40 rounds instead
P90 - COD4 P90 with reduced damage
Skorpion EVO 3 A1 - COD4 Skorpion

Rapid Fire
Holographic - Zoom level increase, middle ground between ACOG and RDS
Extended Mags
Dual Mags

Secondary - Pistols
M93R - Will only 1-burst at close range. Cannot be dual-wielded. 35/25 SP, 30/20 no SP
M92F - MW2 M9
Desert Eagle - COD4 Deagle, with shot limiter, cannot be dual-wielded.

Extended Mags
Dual Wield
Tactical Knife

Secondary - Launchers
AT-4 - fires straight, but reduced damage to infantry (It's using AT rounds, not HE)
Stinger - MW2 Stinger

Perk Tier 1
Marathon - 4x sprint time, Pro allows quicker obstacle climb
Lightweight - MW2 LW, Pro REDUCES fall damage to by 75%
Scavenger - BOps Scavenger
Warlord/Bling - MW2 Bling
Overkill - 2 primary weapons, but increase equip and drop times.

Perk Tier 2
Sleight of Hand
Stopping Power - Fixed damage instead of percentage
Hardline - MW2 Hardline
Cold-Blooded - BOps Ghost
Ground Support - Reduce killstreak flare count by 1, Pro increases killstreak damage, you are visible to radar

Perk Tier 3
Steady Aim
Hacker/SitRep - MW2 SitRep
EOD - BOps Flak Jacket, quicker bomb defuse/arm times
Ninja - BOps Ninja, Pro has reduced noises on EVERYTHING by half, including bomb arm/defuse.

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