Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Survival Mode Trailer - BREAKDOWN!

- Timed Waves instead of enemy numbers.
- The game uses a cash system. It is confirmed that you use this cash to buy new weapons and "reinforcements" that could comprise of allied personel (Delta Force and Riot Shield allies confirmed) and air support (Predator confirmed).
- Bottom left bar shows extra rewards for getting streaks and other midgame challenges
- You have "armor." There's a shield icon on the bottom center that says "Armor 100"

Confirmed Weapons and Gear:
- AK47 Modern. Recoil has been changed drastically. It no longer has the COD4-BOps animation. It is now steadier, but the recoil pattern is changed in a circular pattern.
- Model 1887 Modernized. Fire rate for singles is increased.
- G36
- FN57
- USAS 12
- M16A4
- M60E4
- ACR 6.8 (The will be using the Remington ACR model, not the Magpul Masada)
- Auto Grenade Launcher
- MP5
- Riot Shield
- Sentry Guns

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